Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Delta Produce customer?

It's easy! Give us a call at (202) 544-4978. It only takes  a few minutes to set up an account. 

How do I make my first order?

Once you're set up in our system, you are welcome to place an order anytime. We accept orders 3 ways: by phone - (202) 544-4978, by email -, and online, right here on our website.

What is Delta's delivery schedule?

Our trucks run multiple routes each day throughout the DC, MD and VA area. Deliveries begin as early as 5AM, and go as late as 4PM. Speak with your Sales Rep or with one of our Delta Executives to set up a delivery window that works best for you & your personal needs.

Is there a delivery fee?

No, we do not have a delivery fee, only a delivery minimum. We require a minimum of 5 boxes to complete a delivery order.  

How soon can I receive my order?

We offer a variety of delivery windows throughout the day for scheduled deliveries. Let your Sales Rep or our office staff know of your specific delivery needs and we will do our best to honor them. 

Please be aware that at times there are situations beyond our control which can affect deliveries, including but not limited to: traffic, inclement weather, busy holidays, and other various challenges. 

How late can I place an order?

For early to mid morning deliveries, we ask that all orders are placed by 3:00 AM.

How can I apply for terms for my account?

Any of our office staff is happy to speak with you further about account changes. Give our office a call during office hours, or send an email to us at

I have a question about my account. Who do I contact?

You are always welcome to call our offic directly and speak with one of our Delta Executives or Office Staff. Your Sales Rep is also always available to help.